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Department of Languages was established in 2015 as one of the pioneer departments in the Faculty of Humanities following the commencement of academic activities in Hezekiah University. The department has approval to run and award Bachelors degree in English Language Studies; a programme which combines both English Language and Literature courses. The programme is structured to equip students with communicative competence in speaking, reading and writing the English Language.

The department started with a total student enrollment of 6 in 2015 and the number has increased over the years. Currently. the department has 12 Lecturers: 3 Professors, 1 Reader, 4 Senior Lecturers, 1 Lecturer I, 1 Assistant Lecturer and 5 Non-Teaching members of staff.

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  • VISION – Department of Languages in line with Hezekiah University’s vision of contributing to national development through the provision  of well structured academic programmes, has the vision of promoting peaceful co-existence in our multilingual society by raising graduates who will solve the problem of conflicts through effective communication. Students of this department shall be nurtured in academic instructions that will equip them with needed language skills.
  • MISSION -The department shall raise students who will through the use of language, solve communication challenges facing the country and the world at large
  • AIM & OBJECTIVE – The department aims at promoting peaceful co-existence in our multilingual society by raising graduates who will solve the problem of conflicts through effective communication. The department  shall nurture students in academic instructions that will equip them with the needed language skills.
  • Career Placement – At the end of the four-year or three-year programme, as the case may be, graduates from the department will have acquired skills that will enable them work in different capacities as:

    • Secretaries in different professional domains such as business communication, legal communication, electronic broadcast media, print journalism, advertising and sports commentaries, book publishing and biography writing.
    • Newscasters
    • Researchers, Teachers, Lecturers
    • Translators of Interpreters
    • Editors
    • Air Host/Hostess
    • Public Relations Officers
    • Writers
    • Literary Critics/Analysts.
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The Degree Programmes shall be based on the following courses throughout the the four(4) years:

First  Semester

100 Level 200 level 300 level 400 level
Communication in English 1 (Use of English 1) Peace and Conflict Resolution Introduction to Computer New Trends in Syntax
Nigerian Peoples and Culture Introduction to Entrepreneurship Advanced French I Psycho-linguistics
Introduction to Philosophy, Logic and Human Existence Intermediate French I Modern Comedy: Moliere to Soyinka English for Specific Purposes
Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT African Drama and Theater in Colonial Era Contemporary English Usage Language and National Development
Oral French 1 Igbo Philosophy I Introduction to Applied Linguistics Research Methods II
Igbo Language and Literature Introduction to Morphology and Syntax The English Language in Nigeria Literary Theory and Criticism
A Survey of the English Language Introduction to General Phonetics and Phonology I Research Methods African-American and Caribbean Literature
Spoken English (Practical) Advanced English Composition I Nigerian Oral Literature in English Translation
Introduction to Literary Studies Survey of Epochs in Literature African Written Poetry
Introduction to Nigerian Literature in English
Introduction to Creative Writing

Second Semester

100 Level 200 level 300 level 400 level
Communication in English 2 Leadership Skills Application of Computer to Arts Pragmatics
Environment and Sustainable Development Entrepreneurship Advanced French II Multilingualism
Oral French II Theater from Aeschylus to shake-spare) Theatre Workshop Speech Written
Igbo Language and Literature II Intermediate French II Phonology of English Project/Long Essay
Introduction to English Grammar and Composition Igbo philosophy Introduction to Semantics Commonwealth Literature
Varieties of  English (including English based Pidgins and Creoles) Advanced English Syntax Discourse Analysis Workshop in Creative Writing
Introduction to Prose Literature Introduction to General Phonetics and Phonology II African Written Fiction
Introduction to Drama and Theater in English Advanced English Composition II
Introduction to Poetry African Oral Literature in Translation World Literature in English Translation
Prose Fiction Creative Writing II
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Admission Requirements

Prospective students may be admitted into the department through one of  the following:

(i)    UTME:   A minimum of Five (5) credit level passes in the SSCE/NECO/GCE (O’ Levels) examinations in relevant subjects including English Language and Literature in English with a pass in Mathematics in not more than two sittings is required for admission into the 4 – year (8 Semester) programme in addition to relevant subjects combination (English, Literature in English and any two other Arts or Social Science subject) in UME.

(ii)      Direct Entry:  Diploma with a minimum of Lower credit in English Language, or Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) with a major in English Language and a minimum grade C, or a minimum of 2 GCE/JUPEB Advanced Level passes in Arts subjects one of which must be English Language and O’Level requirement of credit pass in English Language and Literature in English with a pass in Mathematics for the 3-year (6 consecutively-run Semester) programme.

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Nwosu J.
Nwosu J.Ag. HOD Languages

Hezekiah University English Language and Literary Studies Degree Programme offers rigorous training in analytical study of the English language and Literature. It brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding language, literature ideas. Thus, students will develop important skills in clear thinking, logical arguments, coherent use of languages, as well as independent study.

Graduates of this Programme should be clearly and positively identified with adequate proficiency in pronunciation, articulateness in speech, correctness of grammar and usage, elegance and style in diction in the choice of an appropriate variety of English for use in the various administrative and professional job opportunities available in the labour market, in literary and creative writing domains and in postgraduate studies in language and literature.

The foregoing is against the background that in Nigeria, English is the official language and the language of classroom instruction and administration. Therefore, the programme devotes great attention to the achievement of improved knowledge of English and the acquisition of adequate literary and critical skills, as well as grammatical and communicative competence necessary for national development.




Dr. Chidi Ukagu
Dr. Chidi Ukagu
Prof. Oguzie B.C.
Prof. Oguzie B.C.
Dr. Ezeh
Dr. Ezeh
Nwosu Joyce
Nwosu Joyce

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