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The department of History and International Studies seeks to provide liberal arts education with the highest breath in comprehensive human experiences. It offers students the opportunity to study the past, not just for its own sake but for the perspectives it offers the present. The subject for History and International Studies lies in the study of the dynamics of societies and the international environment in which they exist. It seeks to understand the processes of international life and the trajectory of its development and how it impacts on societies. The curriculum lays emphases on training students to understand the nature of evidence and how to interpret evidence. The programme is designed to develop students’ intellectual abilities, which will be useful for future career in diverse fields. It offers perspectives on local history, cultural analysis, cultural diversity, and methodology, while maintaining the traditional strengths in the field of African, European, American and world history. Generally, the programme seeks to produce students with a mind capable of rational and intuitive grasp of events in order to bring critical and analytical attitude to bear on national and international issues for the socio-political and economic development of the society.

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  • VISION – Hezekiah University with its Chemistry Department has the vision of opening new fields and frontiers and, with them, fundamentally new and innovative ways to address the increasingly complex scientific, health, energy and environmental problems of our time, by leveraging its multi-disciplinary vision, its culture of synergistic collaboration and translational science, and its excellence in the physical and medical sciences.

  • MISSION – The Mission of the Department of Chemical Sciences at Hezekiah University Umudi, Imo State is to train and inform tomorrow’s leading scientists, professionals and policymakers, and foster new knowledge of the chemistries underlying living systems and physical processes, through spirited mentoring of future researchers, innovative instruction of students within chemistry and across majors  and creative approaches to scientific communication, visualization and computation.

  • AIM & OBJECTIVE – The ultimate aim of the programme is to train a complete person relevant to our diverse and changing world. It intends to achieve this aim through the following set objectives

    i) Produce students that are imbued with strength of character, power of judgment, capacity of analysis and effectiveness of expression.

    ii) Develop students’ ability to appreciate the historical forces that have shaped and continue to shape their immediate environment.

    iii) Educate students in historical movements and issues of international global importance to enable them acquire better knowledge of the World and thus promote World peace.

    iv) Give students thorough understanding of Nigeria and global issues.

    v) Provide students with advantages usually associated with judgment needed particularly in administrative and managerial responsibilities in the competitive global village.

    vi) Instill in students, a critical and broad mind that will enable them appreciate the various dimensions in given issues.

    vii)  To promote in students the spirit of independent, original and imaginative inquiry

    viii) To equip students with the knowledge and mental skills needed for identifying, analyzing and solving problems in a technological age.

    ix) To highlight aspects of the humanities that have direct application for practical life and those that promote social and cultural awareness, thus enhancing the individual’s sense of civic responsibility.

    x) To train students to have the social and intellectual tools for interaction and for a viable and harmonious working life.

  • Career Placement –  Studying Chemistry opens doors to a range of sectors and opportunities, meaning the future career of our graduates isn’t restricted to the lab, They can be gainfully employed in various firms as:

    Analytical chemist


    Chemical engineer

    Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry

    Forensic scientist



    Research scientist (physical sciences)

    Scientific laboratory technician


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The Degree Programmes shall be based on the following courses throughout the the four(4) years:

First Semester (Core, Required and Elective Courses

100 level 200 level 300 level 400 level
Communication in In English I Nigerian Peoples and Culture Introduction to Material Science Seminar
Use of Library, study skill and ICT Introduction to Entrepreneurship Environmental Chemistry Reaction Kinetics
Introduction to Philosophy, Logic and human existence Organic Chemistry I Process Science II Electrochemistry
General Biology I Inorganic Chemistry I Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics Organic Synthesis
General Biology Practical I Physical Chemistry I Polymer Chemistry Management and Chemical Industry I
General Physics I Analytical Chemistry Separation Methods and Analysis Chemistry of Industrial Processes
General Physics Practical I Elementary Modern Physics Colour and Textile Chemistry Mineral Processing
General Mathematics I Linear Algebra Industrial Chemical Processes and Raw Material Inventory Natural Product Chemistry
Introduction to Computer Science I Applied Spectroscopy Food Chemistry
General Chemistry I Petroleum Chemistry Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry
General Chemistry Practical I

Second Semester (Core, Required and Elective Courses)

100 level 200 level 300 level 400 level
Communication in In English II Entrepreneurship Macromolecular Chemistry
General Biology II Organic Chemistry II Physical Organic Chemistry
General Biology Practical II Structure and Bonding Structure and Coordination Chemistry
General Physics II Physical Chemistry II Students Industrial Work Experience (SIWES) Chemical Processes Technology
General Physics Practical II Non Spectra Analytical Techniques Special Laboratory Methods
General Mathematics II Inorganic Chemistry II Management and Chemical Industry II
Introduction to Computer Science II Process Science I Research Projects
General Chemistry II Statistics for Physical Science
General Chemistry Practical II
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Admission Requirements

Candidates are admitted into the degree programme in any of the following three ways:

  1. The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  2. Direct Entry
  3. Inter-University Transfer

A. UTME Entry Mode

Candidates must obtain credit pass in minimum of five (5) subjects in WAEC/NECO which must include History or Government and Literature-in-English. In addition, candidates must attain the departmental cut off mark as may be fixed by the department in a given session. The JAMB combination must include History/Government and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.

BDirect Entry (DE): 3-Year Degree Programme

For Direct Entry, candidates must have passes in at least Two GCE ‘A’ level subjects, JUPEB, and their equivalent in History or Government, Literature-in-English or Christian Religious Studies.  Holders of NCE, OND and HND must obtain a minimum of Lower credit level to be eligible for consideration.

CInter-University Transfer Mode

Students can transfer provided they met the receiving University’s requirement in terms of qualification, grade and the minimum duration of stay to earn the university’s degree.

Build Your Future With Hezekiah Education

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Mr. Emeka Joseph.
Mr. Emeka Joseph.Ag. HOD Chemical Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Science at Hezekiah University Unudi, Imo State. My colleagues and I are committed to providing undergraduate and graduate students with world-class education and training while pushing the frontiers of knowledge through cutting-edge research

The Department of Chemical Sciences is committed to excellence through inclusion and diversity. We welcome, respect, and are strengthened by our diversity as women, men, and people of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. We benefit from our common humanity, as well as our differences in race, ethnicity, age, national origins, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, religions, and points of view.


Prof. Odin Monday E.
Prof. Odin Monday E.
Dr. Igwe J.
Dr. Igwe J.
Mr. Okere J.K.
Mr. Okere J.K.

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