Project Description


The Academic Planning Unit oversees academic and curriculum development and ensures compliance with basic minimum standards as established by the National Universities Commission. It regulates the development of teaching, learning and assessment approaches that reach the highest standards of excellence as defined by best practice.

The Unit is headed by a Director, who is a professor of repute. The Director ensures regular review and adaptation of the curricula to fit the new global pedagogy which focuses on active inquiry, practice-based learning, collaborative relationships and centrality of student experiences that will develop the graduate attributes expected by employers.

The National Universities Commission (NUC) proposed the establishment of Academic Planning Units in Nigerian Universities System in the early 1980s for the coordination of academic activities and programmes. The Academic Planning Unit (APU) of Hezekiah University coordinates academic activities in the University. It is the responsibility of the unit to collect, manage and analyze data towards its academic growth while ensuring compliance with NUC’s Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) as directed by the Senate and Management. It intensifies efficiency in teaching and learning in the University and ensures the circulation and proclamation of relevant information. The Director, Academic Planning Unit (DAP) collaborates with accreditation bodies for the establishment and accreditation of academic programmes.

The Academic Planning Unit is an integral arm of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and its activities are overseen by a Director who reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor. The Unit is presently headed by Professor Odin M. and other members of the Unit.

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